An update for April

Posted 28 Apr 2023 22:57

It's about time I posted something, I guess. It's been a while 😊

Audiobook News

I can tell you that a brand new recording of Off Track will be coming to brand new platforms (including Spotify and Chirp) in the near future.

enter image description here

Kindle Unlimited

All my books will be leaving Kindle Unlimited at the end of their current terms as a result of Amazon's frankly absurd policy of deleting author accounts because their books have been pirated. There's a petition here if you think that's ridiculous too.

This does mean that my books will be appearing on many more platforms once they are no longer exclusive to Amazon.

Another Way

The prequel to Off Track, which takes place from Lara's perspective has an outline now, and a new cover concept.

enter image description here

I'm hoping this will come out around the same time as...


Come the end of May, I will finally be able to hire an editor for Nexus, which means the book shouldn't be in limbo much longer. I'm hoping that you will be able to read it by the end of July, but I don't currently know if that's a bit too optimistic. I'll try to keep you updated 😉

enter image description here

Doorways and Destinies

And finally, I'm working on a collection of short stories set in the Primordials universe. They won't all feature Eden and the gang, but some will. I don't currently have a timescale, but three of the stories are written so far.

enter image description here

I think that's all for now!


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